8 Steps to a
solid foundation

1. Design, Permitting and Survey

The Concrete Guys partner with our clients from the first step to the last. We start by collecting the blueprints, the plot survey, and the necessary permits.  We then send one of our survey managers to work with the excavator and the builder to precisely set the foundation on the site. We use our proprietary TCG Robotic Solution to ensure the accuracy of the design. This crucial first step in the entire construction process assures the house will be where the owner wants it in relation to the location best suited for the home.

2. Footers

All inspections are called into the local building department prior to our team pouring concrete. After we receive approval, one of our experienced footer crew supervisors starts the first step in a dry basement process. Our crew installs the forms to the exact elevation to meet the local building codes and pour the concrete for the walls to be set on.

3. Tile, Sump Pump, and Gravel

To help reduce cost and time, The Concrete Guys efficiently install the footers, drain tile, sump pump and gravel all in one day. We offer both an interior and exterior perimeter drain for every basement. We use the Proform Drain system that empties into the sump pit to eliminate water around the foundation. Gravel under the concrete slab and around the exterior of the foundation is used to aid the drainage and assist in keeping the basement dry.

4. Surveying

The Concrete Guys experienced foundation foreman next sets our premium aluminum forms by Western to provide for a solid, well-built basement wall.  Our team sets the walls according to the blueprint provided using standard industry practices and following all state and local building codes. Before the wall can be poured it is double checked ‘for square’ and that all dimensions are accurate. Only then is the concrete placed in the forms.

5. Walls

The surveying crew goes back on site with our TCG Robotic Solution to confirm with the builder that the walls measurement will fit with the poured footings. We verify that the blueprints match the actual footings, the plot survey and walls are to the proper elevation, and the inspector signs off on the footers.

6. Moisture Barrier

After the forms have been removed from the poured concrete wall, it is ready for the moisture barrier to be placed. The Concrete Guys provides many different options to ensure a dry basement. These options are based on the conditions and needs to have the best product for your basement. Attention to detail is a hallmark of our company.

7. Gravel

Once the waterproofing is complete, we install the window wells.  Our foundation crew will then we add the remainder of the gravel needed to fill for the entire exterior perimeter of the drain tile.

8. Inspection and Quality Control Review

A Concrete Guys manager then calls the local building department and requests a backfill inspection.  We ensure that the proper ‘Green Tags’ are issued and final sign off granted. This allows the excavator to start the backfill to establish a proper grade away from the foundation to give positive drainage. This brings our process to a successful conclusion.

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